Die drei Freunde

Activities involved:

. Producer | .Executive producer | .Game Designer | .Lead artist | .Level Designer | . 2D and 3D artist

Also know as:

Lissy – Die drei Freunde von der Reitschule / Geheimnisvolle Reitferien/ La bande du Club Hippique – Preloud 08/2005

Platform: PC CD ROM

Publishers:Caipirinha Games / Rondomedia (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and Holland), SDLL (France)

Die 3 Freunde von der Reitschule is a third person horse adventure in which you play as Laura, a girl who has the mission to save her family’s Riding School. Maintain and train the horses of the riding school, win competitions and improve your equitation. Ride with your horse in a big and beautiful natural landscape!

Can you save the riding school? Explore a gigantic 3-D landscape full of adventures and with voice output throughout the entire game! Take care of the horses. Uncover a mysterious conspiracy. Win riding shows. Greedy speculators are determined to get their hands on the beautiful riding school that belongs to Laura’s uncle. Laura’s uncle will need a lot of money to save the school and his son Christian has promised to win the money at the riding tournament. But a mysterious accident stops him from attending the tournament …

Take on the role of Laura and save the riding school from being shut down! Take care of and train the horses at the riding school, win the preliminary heats and improve your riding skills. Saddle up your horse and explore the beautiful countryside around the riding school. can you and your friends find out who was behind Christian’s mysterious accident and save the riding school? This game is also published as: “Die drei Freunde von der Reitschule – Der geheimnisvolle Unfall”.



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To buy:

German version: http://www.amazon.de (3.5 stars)

German version – 2nd release: http://www.amazon.de (3 stars)

French version: http://www.amazon.fr


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