Lissy und ihre Freunde

Activities involved:

. Producer | .Executive Producer |  .Game Designer | .Lead artist

Also know as:

. Lissy und ihre Freunde – Die abenteuerliche Pferderally / Lissy – Der geheimnisvolle Pferdehof / Chloe et ses Amis : Le Concours Hippique – Preloud 03/2006

Platform: PC CD ROM

Publishers: Caipirinha Games/ Rondomedia (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), SDLL (France)

Join Lissy and Arcado from the original Lissy comics on a horseback ride through an absolutely beautiful 3-D landscape. Help Lissy’s friends to organize a horse rally and uncover a mean fraud! Find bonus cards and unlock exciting special features: New horses, new riding apparel, equipment and much more! And you can keep on playing after you have finished the adventure: unlock more special features, care for your horses, ride your horse across the entire course or practice your skills with a lance! Train and prepare your horse for the big tournament! Change your clothes and alter your appearance at will! Become a detective and solve a mystery!

Lissy has plenty to do at the ranch. Lissy is busy organizing a horse rally to help save her friend’s horse. Help Lissy to set up a course through the woods, write and send out invitations, create some obstacles for the course and much, much more. Can you identify the conman and save the horse? And on top of all that, you still have your own horse to care for! Ride your horse across stunning 3-D landscapes! Find the bonus cards hidden throughout the countryside! Use the cards to unlock exciting special features including new horses, equipment, and riding apparel! Also published as: “Lissy und ihre Freunde – Die abenteuerliche Pferderallye”.

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